TOpics & Schedules
7.30pm | Sunday, 15 Nov

The Bible offers hope through its hundreds of promises—but is it the source of truth it claims to be?

7.30pm | WEDNESDAY, 18 Nov

God is not responsible for the catastrophes that the world experiences, but the enemy in the Great Controversy makes it appear as if it is God. Discover the real act of God and the pivotal role He plays in calling men out of the despair of this world.

7.30pm | Saturday, 21 Nov

What Happened to Right and Wrong?

Laws play a pivotal role in our society today. However, do you know what is the real basis of right or wrong? Do we really have a choice in this matter?

7.30pm | Tuesday, 24 Nov

Who is Pulling the Strings?

Did you know that the Bible paints a sharp contrast between God and Satan? Journey into Scripture to understand the profound differences between their character, motivations, and the plan for eternity.

7.30pm | Friday, 27 Nov

Hope in the Justice of God

How will God end the pain and suffering of this world? Explore God’s loving character, the judgement for the future and the Good News that is yet to come.

7.30pm | Monday, 16 Nov

Do you really know who God is?
Everyone has a different view of God but only one source holds a true and authentic explanation of the character of God. Find out ways in which God reveals Himself to us throughout the Bible—and many more.

7.30pm | Thursday, 19 Nov

Jesus Christ is the most influential person in history—but did he really existed?

7.30pm | Sunday, 22 Nov

Hope for Human Restlessness

Have you heard of the Sabbath? Are you longing for hope amidst this chaotic and restless world in which we are living? Discover the Sabbath as a gift from God to men—both before and after the fall of man and into eternity

7.30pm | Wednesday, 25 Nov

Freedom Threatened

Freedom seems to fill our world. But for how long? Could we really lose our freedoms as The Bible warns? Learn how various movements are pushing for certain freedoms to be a thing of the past, and the significant role that the United States will play on it.

3.30pm | Saturday, 28 Nov

Is Heaven Real?

The second coming of Christ is the blessed hope of the church, and  Jesus assured His followers, “If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also” (John 14:3). Are you ready for Jesus to come?

7.30pm | Tuesday, 17 Nov

Do you know where your identity lies? Reveal the biblical truth about the identity of man, the need for Christ, and the glorious hope that rests in Jesus Christ.

7.30pm | Friday, 20 Nov

Hope Beyond the Grave

The question that has alluded the minds of so many is, what happens when you die? The Bible does not leave us to wonder on this very important topic, and instead provides the answers to the unconscious state of the dead—and how to find hope in the resurrection.

7.30pm | Monday, 23 Nov

Hope through History

Throughout history, God's character has been praised yet also tainted. How do these views impact the way people think about God today? 

7.30pm | Thursday, 26 Nov

Is Armageddon Real?

Did you know that there will be a final battle in a war that’s been going on ever since time began on our planet?Armageddon is very real—and in the conflict of good and evil, do you know which side you’ll be on?