2020 has experienced it all - damaging bushfires, civil unrest and a deadly ongoing pandemic, among other events. 

In these uncertain times, do you know where your future lies?

This series will answer your questions about the true meaning of life, the Bible and how God can be of significant hope during this crisis.

Journey into the Bible, unlock the truth, and discover the meaning of real hope!


Tapiwa Mutseriwa


Tapiwa Mutseriwa serves at Fountain in the City as a Senior Pastor, overseeing evangelism, youth and supporting church ministry initiatives. 

He has a passion for learning and understanding more about the world, prompted by his occupational background in teaching and finance. Originally from Zimbabwe, his life changed when he relocated to Australia and was called to enter into ministry. He has shared with audiences around the world, covering favourite topics including Bible prophecy and its significance to current and future events.